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"Down to earth, driven, compassionate zero % B.S"


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The Musicians Business Coach! 

I serve my clients as coaches do for Olympic athletes. High level and focused, attentive coaching. With a passion for people, business, and creativity, I've been an entrepreneur, educator, and entertainer in the live music industry for over 16 years.  Empowering others is the icing on my cake, as I aid others in their journey to success.

Multi-passionate, I have worked in the arts, education, and entertainment since I was 14 when I was trusted with a community arts project at Welfare State International. I well and truly caught 'the bug', and since then I have built and founded many organizations, shows, and events.  I have taught, sung, and worked all over the world. Constantly striving for more knowledge, more self-development, and opportunities, for both myself and my clients. 


I have overcome many challenges, both personally and professionally to be where I am today - the owner of two businesses, an agency and an academy, and still have a career as a singer and a DJ.


A voice operation threatened my career, so I built Dixiebird Records, then I had to self-cancel due to a serious issue with a stalker (you can read all about that here) then as we all know, the pandemic which made life difficult for all of us, especially those in the arts. The one thing that has rung true for me and many of my clients is that adversities make you stronger, and, your WHY is the most important part of your career.

"It’s not only on the stage you shine the brightest, but it’s backstage, in the wings, amongst your darkest shadows of adversity."

​So whatever your personal and professional WHY is, and your reason for being here today, know that I've got you.


I've been there, I've made many mistakes and that is why I've rounded the knowledge of creative service-based businesses, both online and in real life, and have packaged them up to quickly help YOU leverage your dreams, and talents and make an impact and income out of your music career. 

Let’s do this.

Areas we can work on together:

Optimize your live booking procedures so you can apply to more gigs easily and faster, resulting in a consistent, steady income stream

Raise your fees

Stand out in the marketplace so you get more yes's 

Achieve a healthy work-life balance 

Plan the next phase of your life and career 

Create effective PR campaigns / press releases / media bio's and create, or expand your media profile

Systems for all your backstage band and event management 

Artistic direction of your live act

Event promotions and live tour production planning, with a real ROI (return on investment) 

Building your audience

Creating your fan funnel with zero ad spend (Organic Marketing)

Create a live music act for the corporate events space

1-1 Business Coaching for Musicians, DJs, Singers and Agents

Money Mindset for Musicians 

Energy Healing - Remove mindset and money blocks to allow you to receive more success

Branding and marketing

Promotional material audits

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