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This Summer ONLY

The concept is simple!

'Cocktails' of coaching topics to help you EXPLODE your music business, double your bookings, and half your input! 

1) Choose your topic** - Choose from:

  • Social Media Audit £99

  • Promo Pack Audit £99

  • One Sheet £99

  • Get In The Press £99

  • 10K Christmas £99

  • Create Your Event Act £99

 **this Summer offer ends July 30th

2) Place an order -

  • Use the link below and let me know in the form which session you would like

  • You can change the date of your session with 24 hours notice 

  • You can book your session between now and Sept 30th

  • If ordering the Rising Musician Course please let me know for a separate link

3) Get to work! - your 1-1 'cocktail' will be game-changing for your music business! 

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